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Absolutely an amazing experience! SO glad I decided to go to the Pat Goins Beauty Schools. I have learned so much and thanks to them I am ready to begin my career in the beauty industry! :)

Karson Karisma

I went to beauty school here in the late 1980’s. It was a wonderful place. Our class was the first to move into the new building. The instructors were great & the owners were very involved. Great place.

Savvy Styling Co.

I’ve been a Learning Leader here at The Pat Goins Beauty Schools Benton road for two years I have grown so much as an instructor and I have enjoy helping so many students become licensed professional in the beauty industry.

Nicole Hills

Just want to send out a SHOUT OUT to Pat Goins Beauty Schools and the Team of Instructors and Administrations for being the vehicle that is helping plunge new Entrepreneurs out into our growing economy in spite of the Covid-19 and lost of jobs… A team that is inspiring and uplifting each student to Push forward and obtain the level of Success and create Generational Wealth for them and their families …Way to Go Pat Goins Team!!!

Leona Bell

I attended Pat Goins for both my Cosmetology and Instructor license, and enjoyed both programs as well as passed my state boards the FIRST time around. I am now an instructor at Pat Goins and enjoy providing my students with all the information needed to not only receive their license but also find a job and have a successful career with multiple strands of income. I would recommend Pat Goins to anyone not just because I work there but because I’ve seen the love for the students on both sides of it.

Toya Ferrell

While attending Pat Goins Beauty Schools, the professionalism and energy the admission and instructional staff showed was phenomenal.  The ease from orientation to graduation was effortless. Their knowledge, passion and attention to detail are second to none. I would not go anywhere else for my future education.

Sondra Dyson

Let me take the time out to RAVE about Pat Goins, not only was I student myself but I’m also an instructor now too. Throughout my time at Pat Goins the school has been outstanding. From the hands on to now virtual learning due to COVID 19 is magnificent. From the staff to the students just amazing.

Tonya Williams

Awesome staff the place was neat, clean, and pleasant. Didn’t want to leave, but my time was up.

Tileda Moore Dunn

Pat Goins was literately a saving grace for me and my classmates. Such a fun environment with staff that TRULY cares. I feel as if they get you more than ready for state board and they also teach you business fundamentals that will help you succeed. They go above and beyond for each student and it never goes unnoticed.

Rachel Harvill

I loved this school and met some really good friends in the process.

Brown Tennille